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The Pursuit of Forgiveness goes over a lot of information about what forgiveness is and how it can help your life. If you are ready to forgive, but do not know where to start or want to use a process to help you, click here to purchase the recordings or if you are deaf/HOH, the PDF, that guide you through forgiving and letting go of baggage that holds you back.

More information about the idea of the process:

Forgiveness is something very personal and very powerful. You may notice that the process is easier with some people, situations, or things, and more difficult with others. As you continue to do the process you will notice how much simpler it becomes with each repetition, the ease of the process is up to you and what you are willing to let go of. This is your opportunity to provide yourself with healing and by doing this process there is a good chance the other person will benefit as well, if they so choose.

Remember it is a choice to hold onto something or to let it go, and only we can decide that for ourselves as individuals. Everything we know or are in contact with effects us, the reason is because everything is energy. This process can be used to create healthier relationships with family members, significant others, co-workers, your car, money, your home, etc. This can also be used to heal any anger, frustration, or resentment you hold toward the person who you feel hurt you or angered you. The hurt or anger could have been experienced at any time, for instance: while driving, in a store, on the phone, or otherwise.

This process provides you the freedom to disconnect the cords and connections that have been tainted between you and the other. If you know the persons name that is great, and if you do not, that is okay too. Just so you hold in your mind any detail about what needs to be forgiven. You can even simply think about “that person in the car” or “that person in the store,” or whatever other experience.

In order to fully engage in and complete this process you must have an idea of energy and how it plays a part in your life. A cup of coffee provides energy, food provides energy, shaking a person’s hand can sometimes cause a shock, or even touching the surface of something can allow you to feel the heat, cold, electricity, and anything else. A conversation with a person can be filling or draining, our thoughts can be filling or draining. Energy is all around us, some of it we can measure, some of it we have not created tools to measure it by, and it does not mean it does not exist, we are just not aware of it yet.

We form a connection to people, things, and situations we come into contact with or experience. The interaction is what determines whether that connection is good, neutral, or bad. You are the only one that can categorize this distinction. During the process, when you become aware of the connections that need to be healed, it does not matter where you feel or see the connection in reference to your body, if it is coming to your awareness, it is your unconscious (subconscious) mind telling you that it needs to be resolved.

This is a process of healing unhealthy connections. Please know that the next time you come into contact with the person, thing, or situation you will reconnect, and again the interaction and your interpretation of  the interaction during that connection is what determines the properties of the connection. This is why sometimes you have to do this process more than once with the same people, and this is why you get to determine whether you keep the relationships in your life or not. This is how you determine what is healthy for you and what is not.

Relationships will change with the more work you do. This can either bring ease to the relationship or not. Healing is a journey and it is something that opens your mind, soul, eyes, ears, and intuition. Healing can open us up to seeing what we have surrounded ourselves with in a different way than we ever “saw” it or experienced it before, and it is then that we get to decide what stays and what goes. The more healing you do, the easier this can become because you realize that in the letting go, not only are you taking responsibility for yourself and your well-being, you are bestowing that gift to others, whether they see it that way or not is not up to you to, but for them to sort out on their own.

You can only navigate your own well-being and decide its fate, you can only be responsible for your own feelings – how you feel them and how express them. It is a courageous act to be self-caring and invested enough in your overall health to choose the path of mental, emotion, and physical healing.

Forgiveness is about taking these steps to create the life you want. In creating that life your overall well-being is at its best, your example and your investment create rewards and dividends for you and to all those you surround yourself with. Individual healing is what wonderfully influences and benefits our world and the world around us. Happy healing to you.

There are two processes in forgiveness. The first process of forgiving involves other people, situations, and things. The other process is very different and it involves forgiving yourself. These two processes are very different, so please make sure you are using the appropriate process for the intention you have. (It is well defined on the recordings and the PDF.)

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